Monday, December 19, 2011

Iris Q. Lin...

I believe that people who have a very refined sense of style, have a story behind it. A story that tells the kind of persona they have, the things they like, the things that inspire them and the things that they believe in.

Having a good sense of style is not something you can go and buy in a shop, it is something that you educate yourself in. In my honest view, Iris is one of  those people I know.
Iris, a Design student at Parsons and a dear friend of mine. Since the day I thought of doing a post on profiling, her’s was the first name that came to my mind. Not only she has exceptional dressing skills but is also a very tastefully creative person. Here is what she had to say:

Amrit : Iris, what is your personal style statement?

Iris: I like to dress up in a minimal way but something that has a little bit of sophistication. During the day time I mostly like to wear something that looks professional but has these little interesting details, like shoes , jewellery , bags etc. And during evening I follow the same routine but with more colour and a little dressier.  I also design a lot of stuff myself... I like the feeling of how they were made and designed by me... It’s special and I love doing it...
I think that is what my personal style statement is.

Amrit: I am curious after looking how you are dressed, where do you shop?

Iris: I shop mainly at  ASOS.comTopshop  and sometimes  Topman ,  Zara . I buy my shoes from this site called, it has some really good shoes at real good prices.
I try to balance out my shopping habits by jumping from both luxury brands to more affordable brands.  I like to have a contrast in my wardrobe you know...

Amrit: So do you have any favourite Travel stories that you would like to share?

Iris: I love travelling, it changes you so much and for good things. I like to travel alone sometimes. One of my most memorable trips was to travel Europe by myself. I fell in love with Paris at that time, that city taught me so much – the Art , Fashion, People... The whole feel of the place was so magical. I think why I chose to travel alone was to find my inspiration... you know you get a lot of time to think and put things in perspective... I met a lot of inspiring people there that changed my perspective on a lot of things and introduced me to a great lot of new stuff.

Amrit: Cinema has a big impact on Design and the way we dress, what kind of cinema do you like?

Iris : August rush , Coco before Chanel, Midnight Paris – reminds me of my travels to Paris, Documentary on Bill Cunningham – I simply adore him.
I like movies that have an art inclination. I think they evoke the creative side of me, I learn something new whenever I watch such movies.

Amrit: Do you pick up things from literature/ books ?

Iris: I don’t like to read much, but I read the New York Times regularly and that is ofcorse for Bill Cunningham’s section.  He is so adorable and his take on fashion is so honest and candid... I just simply love it.

Amrit: How does your Ipod playlist looks like?

Iris: I listen to a lot of classics... I never get bored of them and they have so much history embedded in them. My favourite one nowadays is ‘Carnival of Animals – The Swan’, It has so much elegance and beauty to it... I get into a different state of mind whenever I listen to it.
Music is one of the things that inspires me a lot. It evokes an emotion in me that I channelize in my designs.

Amrit : I think the kind of Art a person likes speaks a lot about that person, what’s your story ?

Iris: Tim Walker and Tim Burton are my favourite artists. The way they conceptualize their subject and tell a story without speaking a single word is very interesting. Its altogether a different dream world for me whenever I look at their work. There is something so whimsical about their work and its so dark at the very same time... I like the contrast...

I personally like Dreamy things... questioning the reality and working around characters is something that I enjoy engaging in.

Amrit : Your favourite Designer?

Iris: Elbar Elbaz, Riccardo Tisci, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier. These designers I think have a gift of telling stories in their collection, as I said earlier. I think it engages the audience a lot... 

Amrit: What inspires you?

Iris:  What inspires me!  - Everything... You just can’t limit yourself to certain things... There is inspiration in everything around us... we just need to be a little more observant... I am also a very impulsive person in terms of my designing skills... I like to improvise as I go...

What I personally liked was how Iris payed close attention to the minutest of details...She played with a lot of accessories... something that I think that creates contrast in all the looks... Paying attention to details is what counts...It states your point of view...and lets people know that you stand out from the regular crowd... That's what being Fashionable is...isn't it? 

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