Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Sartorialist...My Inspiration!

Just about 2 years ago I would spend hours gazing at the amazing pictures on The Sartorialist... Scott Schuman's work has been my Inspiration and guiding light the day I started street style blogging... His pictures are not just about pretty looking clothes or people... It's also about the very feel of the moment... the lifestyle the picture portrays about the subject... In a way it's like telling a story...Something that I truly believe in whenever I am on the street clicking pictures... 
I saw him today near Union Sq and for a brief moment we exchanged glances and then I clicked his picture... I was really thrilled with joy and it felt that I am even more inspired by him than ever before... Thanks Mr. Schuman for doing what you do... It made a difference in my life!

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