Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Right Dosage...

Jacob Bagwell is just not your average 16 year old... By the looks of it he can give a lot of sartorial experts a run for their money... I am amazed how at such an early age he has a very mature and a strong sense of style... Just imagine how he would dress up when he would reach his mid 20's... And it's just not about his look, I looked up his blog - '2 doses a day'... The way he articulates the looks, things he like in fashion and his wishlist is just amazing... As he says on his blog '2 doses a day is just what the doctor ordered!'... and the dose is just working fine for me!


  1. I have followed this young man for the last few months and I too am amazed by his maturity. I believe we will be able to say that we were at the start of this young man's greatness.

  2. I think I've seen this kid in SoHo before, his style and the way he catches every ones eye, It was a situation where I had to look at what everyone was kind of looking towards or at.....I'm definitely going to check out 2dosesaday........ Thanks