Monday, May 28, 2012

A Casual Summer Look...

I love the combination of the pastel blue and brown happening in Anshul's outfit... It's simple and I think that really works well... Gives a chance to concentrate on the details...Like the pleated trouser... how the tab of suspenders match with with his brogue shoes (no socks)... stem of his spectacles hanging from his pocket... no belt... how the cardigan is just casually handing on his shoulder...  


  1. I love this combo and how you presented it in the post. I have been following your blog and will keep doing so. Best, Mel

  2. Thank you or putting it up Amrit. It's a good feeling to be on your Blog the second time, especially because as content. Your blog has been very educational and converging towards personal style. Hopefully we meet again in The Street.