Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pocket Squares...Why are they important?

What makes menswear interesting?

Is it the cut, make, fabric or the color... For me ‘Details’ are more important than anything and accessories play an essential part in forming such details...

One of the accessories that I swear by (‘never leave home without it’ kind) is the ‘Pocket Square’. Initially they were just used for hygiene purpose and were made of linen fabric. By 1920’s people started using it as a quintessential fashion accessory in combination with a suit, vest and a hat.

Later different kinds patterns in different fabrics like silk, cotton, wool etc. were used to add a little character to the pocket square.

But why is it so important? I have a theory...

Since the no. of sillehoutes in menswear is not as vast as womenswear, we have to work with what we have. The only things we can play with are the fabrics or the details.

And being men, we love when a look or a piece of clothing has great details more than anything.

Pocket square is one of those fashionable accessories that adds great value even to the most mundane look.

It lets the people around you know that how much particular you are about the way you look, not any other scruffy looking guy with jeans and a t shirt but a gentleman who has an eye for great detailing. It is the most clean, effective and easy to use accessory for menswear. 

There is a certain charm about the way you wear your pocket square, some like it plain straight and some in a very theatrical unkempt way. I like both of them, in the day time I try to keep it straight and by evening I like the unkempt look of the pocket square. 

Most of the men think that using a pocket square is a formal affair, which on the contrary is not. It is the most versatile piece of accessory... You can use it with your sport coat, shirt, vest or even a Tshirt if it has a pocket.

How to choose the perfect one?... well how I choose is primarily how it works with the other stuff in my look: like with the color of my shirt, tie, shoes or (my favourite) socks. Choose the pattern of the pocket square that you are most comfortable with... I started with checks then went onto flowery prints and now pastel solid colors.

Recently whenever I get a shirt stitched I tell my tailor to take out 12” X 12” piece of fabric from the shirting material and make it a pocket square. That’s how I get interesting and a variety of patterns and colors. 

I believe its's the right mix of sophistication and flamboyance that makes a menswear look interesting. The pocket square is a perfect example for that.

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