Monday, April 1, 2013

Benefits of Custom Shoe Making...

I always fancied the idea of custom making everything in my wardrobe... It has a personal touch... something that is durable...made to your specification and most importantly to have something exclusive!

Keeping all these things in mind I went to one of the most known custom shoe maker in Delhi John Bros  to try out the benefits of custom shoe making ... after seeing the workmanship and the level of detail that guys at Jon Bros use in their shoe making I was really impressed... They took about 4 weeks to make one pair... when i was happy with my first one the rest followed...I was really happy about the denim oxford shoe, it actually came out pretty good... 

They are a little expensive but the material, construction quality and finishing is immaculate... they lack a little bit of presentation skill but then you can't complain much when you are getting such a high quality bespoke shoe...

Denim Oxfords 

Burgundy Double Monk Strap Oxfords 

Brown Suede Oxfords 

Blue Suede Brogues 

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